Did the U.S. government help hide climate data?

Is the Department of Energy to blame? The Climategate emails reveal correspondence only between Jones and his colleagues — not between him and the DoE.

“What’s missing,” Watts said, “is a … directive from DoE that they should withhold station data gathered under their grant. The email may be there, but … still under lock and key.”

Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wants that key. He recently filed Freedom of Information acts with the DoE, requesting the emails they exchanged with Jones.

“So far no administration department has bothered to respond, indicating they … believe the time bought with stonewalling might just get them off the hook for disclosure,” Horner told FoxNews.com.

“Not with us, it won’t,” he said.

The Department of Energy has until December 29 before it must legally respond to Horner’s request.