Video: "I’ve never seen a guy change his position so many times, so fast, on a dime"

“I have never seen a guy — and I’ve run a lot of elections, supported a lot of people — I’ve never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime. Everything.”

Joe Scarborough argues that “Newt has switched pretty quickly on issues as well.”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing like what Mitt Romney did from governor of Massachusetts to candidate for president,” Giuliani responds. “Pro-choice, pro-life. Pro-choice because somebody, a close friend died, and he became pro-choice because this woman died of an abortion. Then he figures out there are embryos, and he changes. He was pro-gun control. Fine. Then he becomes a lifetime member of the NRA. He was pro cap-and-trade. Now he’s against cap-and-trade. He was pro-mandate for the whole country, then he becomes anti-mandate and he takes that page out of his book and republishes the book. I could go on and on.”