Glenn Beck dishonors Gingrich supporters

Mr. Beck went further. Not only did he accuse Tea Partyers who support Mr. Gingrich of racism, he also accused them of being dupes who take their marching orders from the Republican establishment. How does Mr. Beck explain the former speaker’s surge in the polls, one that includes support from millions of Tea Partyers? “Big-government GOP machinery.” Not only is that insulting to Tea Partyers, it’s factually incorrect. Establishment Washington insiders have cast their lot with Mitt Romney, not Mr. Gingrich.

How dare you, Glenn Beck. How dare you. Mrs. Pelosi was dead wrong for accusing the Tea Party of racism and so are you. If you can see no difference between Mr. Obama and Mr. Gingrich other than the color of their skin, then that says far more about your warped fixation on race than it does about those two men. That you would publicly accuse anyone of racism for preferring Mr. Gingrich over Mr. Obama reveals your profoundly flawed judgment.

I am one of those Tea Partyers, Mr. Beck, and I’m also Barack Obama’s cousin. I’m enormously proud that America has elected a black president and I’m also enormously proud to call this president family. Still, I have profound differences in opinion with Mr. Obama. Tragically, he misunderstands the greatness of America and believes it is found in our bloated bureaucracies and government regulations. He believes America suffers because our government is too small. I believe our greatness is found in our free people and a free market. I believe America suffers precisely because government has grown too bloated and intrusive. Given the alternative, I choose Mr. Gingrich’s vision for America, particularly one made answerable to the Tea Party, over Mr. Obama’s. Are you calling me a racist, Mr. Beck?