When Arianna met Newt

“She was a big champion of the Newt Revolution,” Tony Blankley, Gingrich’s press secretary at the time, told POLITICO. “She was a friend and an ally.”

Time magazine called her “Gingrich’s muse,” and David Brock, in his memoir of the period, noted her efforts to become “the godmother of the Gingrich Revolution.”…

Just as Gingrich has worked to recast himself as a reformer averse to the ways of Washington, Huffington has long since abandoned her conservative roots.

But it is in part because of this history that Huffington’s criticisms of Gingrich strike some who knew her then as a bit hypocritical.

A recent critique of Gingrich’s inconsistencies is “so obviously about herself,” said Andy Ferguson, a senior editor at the Weekly Standard. “Her accusing him of opportunistic flip-flopping is like being called ugly by a frog.”