The top 50 Christmas toys of the past 100 years

It may seem like only recently that holiday shopping resembles a frothing free-for-all, but for toymakers it’s always been a fierce battleground. For the victors the gains are great. After all, the likes of the Slinky, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and Tickle Me Elmo all have a place in the eternal pantheon of the greatest toys ever.

A lot of the toys in the infographic below, created by this British eBay, are probably familiar to you, such as G.I. Joe, Etch a Sketch, the Easy Bake Oven and Star Wars toys. Some are more surprising, such as Dungeons & Dragons (I guess it always felt more niche to me) and the Rubik’s Cube. Most interesting, though, is seeing the cascade of gadgets pinned to the dates they became popular.