Gay vet says "you can't trust" Mitt

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Mitt Romney got into a rare heated confrontation with a gay veteran at a diner here Monday morning that concluded with the 63-year-old man telling reporters: “You can’t trust him.”

The exchange began when the GOP presidential candidate stopped at Chez Vauchon in Manchester. Romney was in the restaurant campaigning with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, who officially endorsed Romney here Monday.

While workign the room, Romney spotted a man in a flannel shirt wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat and slid in next to him in a booth.

“Vietnam veteran!” Romney greeted Bob Garon.

“I have a question for you,” Garon told the former Massachusetts governor. “New Hampshire right now has some legislation kicking around about a repeal for the same-sex marriage. And all I need is a yes or a no. Do you support the repeal?”

“I support the repeal of the New Hampshire law,” Romney said. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s my view.”

Garon, who lives in Epson, N.H., and was eating breakfast with his husband, turned to Romney and said: “If two men get married, apparently a veteran’s spouse would not be entitled to any burial benefits or medical benefits or anything that the serviceman has devoted his time and effort to his country, and you just don’t support equality in terms of same-sex marriage?”

“I believe that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” Romney replied, adding, “and we apparently disagree.”