Nikki Haley neither sitting down nor shutting up

The legislature and Governor in South Carolina have had a rather fractious relationship for the past decade. The Governor during that period has typically broken up the good old boy network and actually fought to reduce government in South Carolina and privatize what could be privatized.

Well, recently there’s been a port expansion issue affecting Georgia and South Carolina. Georgia wants to deepen the Savannah River to expand the port in Savannah to accept new ships coming through the Panama Canal. The good old boys in South Carolina wanted their backs scratched to get things done.

It didn’t work out that way. Neither the Governor nor the agencies responsible for getting the good old boys’ their backs scratched actually did it. Georgia gets to dredge and South Carolina will get a port expansion in Charleston, but it will still take a while.

The good old boys decided then to haul all of Governor Haley’s top aides into the legislature for examination. They couldn’t find that anyone did any wrong doing. And now Governor Haley has responded. She means to keep changing South Carolina, keep moving the state forward, and keep making it place where business is free to do business without scratching backs or letting government pick winners or losers.