Ron Paul leads in positive... tweets?

“Twitter and the Campaign: How Social Media Users Have Treated the Presidential Candidates.”

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed campaign coverage — more than 20 million tweets, online discourse and old-school news articles — between May 2 and Nov. 27. The report comes out Thursday.

One Republican candidate, according to the report, has received better treatment on Twitter than anybody else: Ron Paul. “Fully 55 percent of the assertions about Paul on Twitter have been positive while only 15 percent have been negative — a 40-point differential,” the Project explains in a press release. “While Paul trails significantly in the polls, and has received less coverage in news outlets than every Republican candidate except Rick Santorum, he is something of a social media phenomenon.”

Ron Paul is also the candidate with the shortest, and therefore most easily tweeted, name. Coincidence?