Gingrich's immigration plan is an excellent first step

3) It forces Democrats to confront the fact that President Obama doesn’t have a plan and that his administration is dividing the very families that Gingrich wants to keep together;

4) It makes a healthy distinction between an illegal immigrant who arrived here 20 years ago, and has been contributing to the economy and society ever since, and one who got here 20 days ago and hasn’t contributed anything.

5) It puts a conservative face on the cause of immigration reform since, whatever you think of Newt, he doesn’t exactly fit the profile of a bleeding heart liberal;

6) It separates “citizenship” for illegal immigrants (which will never happen) from giving them work permits so they can stay in the United States (which just might);

7) It will keep many immigrant families together, which stands in stark contrast to what is happening under the cruel policies of the Obama administration;