Awlaki's father now preaching his message online too

In a six-minute English language audio message to the “Muslims of the U.K.” that recently hit the Internet, Nasser al-Awlaki eulogizes his son, and urges, “It is the job of all of us to spread his knowledge and keep it alive.”

Nasser doesn’t have the religious credentials that his imam son did — in fact, the Long War Journal notes, he’s ironically been a minister of the Yemeni government that al-Qaida wants to overthrow. So his appeal rests on portraying Anwar as a martyr for the cause, an innocent victim of the madman Barack Obama.

“He carried an effective message, a message that was simple and straightforward,” Nasser says in the audiotape. “Its target was Muslims in the west. … He chose this path and gave it his best.”