Can Romney win if almost no one's excited about him?

The former Massachusetts governor is rapidly becoming a one-man political experiment, testing the theory that empathy and the ability to connect with voters are prerequisites for a winning campaign. He has many attributes, but firing up a Republican crowd isn’t one of them…

Hart asked them, if Romney were a member of your family, who would he be? One said a second cousin, which is to say someone not considered close. Another said distant “because he’s richer than the rest of us.” Another said the “dad who’s never at home.” Another said Romney wouldn’t have time for his extended family.

Hart asked them to imagine each of the candidates standing sixth in line at the airport. There is one ticket available for the upcoming flight and the candidate needs to be on the plane. How would each of them manage to try to get to his destination? Of Romney, nearly everyone offered a variation of the same theme: He would buy his way onto the plane by paying off someone to get the ticket.

When they were asked which of the candidates they would ask to be their single character witness if they were unjustly accused of a crime, many more picked Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul than named Romney.