Team Obama: Go, Newt, go!

“What’s most important is they are not just attacking each other, but what they are attacking each other on — the same stuff Obama would be attacking Mitt on,” said Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.

“Mitt and Newt are fighting over who is the biggest flip-flopper, and that’s to the advantage of Obama and to our candidates too,” he added. “They aren’t fighting over ideology, like who’s the most conservative, they are hitting each other on character… That’s why it’s so valuable.”

A poll of Florida voters released Thursday by Democratic pollster PPP found Gingrich with a 30-point lead over Romney, and illustrated the potential benefits to Obama of his sudden emergence: In head-to-head match-ups, Obama is virtually tied with Romney. But he would beat Gingrich by a 50-to-44 percent margin, well outside the poll’s margin of error…

An unforseen scenario for Obama – though one that most Democrats think is still a long shot – is that Gingrich quickly builds a real campaign and fundraising infrastructure, fires up the party’s base, dispatches Romney – and batters Obama.

But strategists in the president’s orbit aren’t sweating the possibility of an Obama-Gingrich battle just yet — Gingrich has imploded before, and so have all other alterna-Mitts in 2011. So Obama’s people are enjoying the floor show.