Krauthammer: Ron Paul is living in the 20s

“Probably everyone except Ron Paul, who is living in the 20s, who thinks we can have a moat around the United States and if we ignore the world, the world will ignore us,” Krauthammer said. “I don’t think there is a lot of division.”

Krauthammer even gave credit to former U.S. ambassador to China and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who only varied slightly with all the other contenders on Afghanistan.

“Jon Huntsman plays — you know, he is slightly a moderate on Afghanistan, but I think Romney made a good point in the debate — since the plan today is to leave in two years anyway, and everybody agrees that when you keep a residual force, even Huntsman and Obama, I presume,” Krauthammer continued. “So, it is an argument over a few months one way or the other. So, in the end it is a very small division, even though Huntsman wants to be the one to say that we build a nation at home rather than abroad, he was asked about this and he says he wasn’t for immediate withdrawal.”