Poll: 42% will blame GOP if Super Committee fails, 32% will blame Dems

The poll indicates that 42% say they would blame the Republicans in Congress, with 32% blaming the Democrats, and another one in five volunteering that they would hold both parties equally responsible.

“This is not the first time a plurality would blame the GOP for congressional inaction,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said. “In March, 46% said they would hold the Republicans responsible if the government shut down. And in July, 51% said they would blame the GOP more than President Obama if the debt ceiling were not raised.”

If a majority of the 12-member panel does reach an agreement, Congress has one month, until December 23, to vote on the deal. A failure to pass any agreement will result in $1.2 trillion in automatic across-the-board spending cuts starting in 2013, evenly divided between defense and non-defense spending. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned members of Congress this week that such cuts could cripple the American military establishment.