Confirmed: Racism and sexism linked to personality

The results suggest that racist and sexist attitudes are linked to personality, said study researcher Maite Garaigordobil, a psychologist at the University of the Basque Country in Spain.

“Sexism is linked to authoritarianism and a leaning towards social dominance,” Garaigordobil said in a statement. “In other words, sexist people accept hierarchies and social inequality, they believe that different social groups have a status that they deserve, and they feel that the social class to which they belong is the best.” …

The researchers also found that sexism and racism are likely to occur in the same people. People with high sexist tendencies also tended to score low in intercultural sensitivity, or empathy and interest in other cultures. Sexists interacted little with immigrants to Spain and reported little respect for the differences between Spanish and immigrant cultures. They also reported little desire to interact with immigrants. The same held true both for people with hostile sexist tendencies and for people who held to a benevolent style of sexism.