Unhappy campers at OWS: "I'm leaving today because this is no longer safe"

Sage: I’m just gonna say the same thing. I don’t call it corruption anymore, ’cause corruption is when a good thing goes bad. And what I think this is–people go, “Oh, they’re so stupid.” No, they’re not. They’re smart, for their purposes, which are not for this camp to function as a community.

Q: Who’s “they”? You say, “they.” What do you mean–who’s “they”?

Sage: Well, once you start pointing fingers, you get–you’re already co-opted.

Q: Well, I mean, just general–I don’t know who you mean. I don’t know who you mean.

Sage: It’s an entire–it’s an entire attitude and community of apathy, and focusing on problems. And focusing on–and I’m a part of it, and that’s why I’m leaving, ’cause I can’t get out of it. Like, just by being here, I’ve started focusing on good things, and then all of a sudden I get integrated.