Interview: The hipster cop at Zuccotti Park

GQ: It’s funny because you’ve been anointed “Hipster Cop” now, but looking at all your pictures—I’m not sure that’s the right descriptor.
Rick Lee: I agree! I don’t have a beard. I don’t live in Williamsburg. Though off-duty I may look a little bit more hipster. I’m thin, so when I’m off-duty I like skinny jeans. And, well, I have about five pairs of Converse sneakers, but I’ve been wearing Converse sneakers since I was in junior high school. I’ve always worn Converse sneakers, they’re not just a fashion trend with me. I’ve always liked them. So off duty, I throw on skinny jeans, a T-shirt, and a cardigan. I guess you could say I look more hipster on the weekend. Or in the summer, I’ll wear my jeans cuffed, with wingtip shoes and a t-shirt and a vest. Unfortunately, I can’t wear jeans to work…

GQ: If “Hipster Cop” is inaccurate, what new fun cop moniker should we use?
Rick Lee: Uh…”Country Gentleman.” Or the “Gentleman Police Officer.”…

GQ: Are you sympathetic to the movement?
Rick Lee: It’s hard to say that because everyone in the Park has their own agenda of why they’re here. Like I could talk to a guy and he could be upset that he gets taxed, and I can understand that because I get taxed every two weeks when I get paid. But somebody else might be into, like, Communism or something. Which I’m not really into. I can’t relate politically that way. But people have their right to voice their opinion in America. They have a right to demonstrate. It’s a good thing. But there’s probably 200 people in the park right now and 400 different opinions of why they’re here. Though, generally, a lot of well-read, very smart, very articulate people are here. I’ve become friends with a few people. It’s kinda cool.