Occupy Wall Street is an outcry against "arrogance"

Perhaps I can shed some light. I suggest that the movement represents a collective backlash against the unprecedented amount of arrogance in this country over the past decade or two. Arrogance has penetrated all facets of our society…

We need honest recognition by Wall Street’s most powerful players that the mechanisms of market manipulation have run amok — to the point where unscrupulous traders and bankers can game the system to produce gains disassociated from underlying values. We need honesty about the limits of government and its ability to compensate people for hardships that are the natural consequence of being alive. We need honesty from our leaders in business and government about what they pay themselves and what they owe to those who have made their prosperity possible.

We need honesty about our limitations, as a nation, to police the world and protect the innocent. Perhaps most difficult, we need honesty about the limits of material wealth that we as a nation and a people can afford without destroying what we have built.