The five oddest media attempts to make OWS seem coherent

And finally, having checked Lincoln off of the list, we get an obligatory Founding Fathers moment from Dylan Ratigan, who compared the OWS movement with the American Revolution on the Huffington Post, claiming that “the response to a situation like today’s is often Constitutional in nature. In one historical era long past, crowds of Americans similar to the Occupy Wall Street groups gathered to protest foreclosures, to show anger at economic depressions brought on by corruption, and to check banker control of the monetary system. They used well-orchestrated disruptions to block judges from making unjust decisions, to stop sheriffs from foreclosing on properties, and to enforce no-buy covenants when properties went up for auction. They called themselves ‘regulators,’ and created a broad-based movement against the corrupt collusion of government officials and a financial elite.”

One can only imagine the hysterical reaction from the Left were a group on the right of the political spectrum physically to take over part of a major city under the guise of “occupation.” Indeed, those familiar with the history of occupation would most likely refrain from such a comparison. But if the OWS crowd wish to persist with their nomenclature, they should at least be cognizant of something important: Most occupying forces have some coherent idea of their aims before they man the barricades.

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