Poll: Romney tied for second even among conservative Republicans

The Oct. 3-7 poll also updated a question asking respondents to say which of four sets of issues is most important to them in politics: social issues and moral values, government spending and power, business and the economy, or national security and foreign policy. As has been the case all year, most Republicans choose one of the two economic-oriented issues, while 16% name social/moral issues and 11% national security/foreign policy.

There is some differentiation in nomination preferences according to Republicans’ issue-orientation. Republicans who are most concerned about business and the economy favor Romney by a 12-percentage-point lead over Cain, 28% vs. 16%. Those focused on government spending and power lean nearly as strongly in favor of Cain over Romney, 24% vs. 16%. Those citing social issues and moral values split about equally for Perry (19%) vs. Cain (15%), Paul (14%), and Romney (15%). And those who select national security and foreign policy are closely divided between Romney (18%) and Perry (17%).

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