The shameful bias against Mormons

It is utterly ludicrous that at this point in our history some conservatives insist on raising the question of religious belief in a presidential election. The latest embarrassment comes from a Texas pastor and Rick Perry supporter, who said recently that Mormonism is a cult.

If the “cult” of Mormonism means that you raise a solid family, work hard, make money and do good for the greater community of mankind, then by all means pass the Kool-Aid.

Regrettably, we have but one presidency and two Mormons. Both Romney and Huntsman, as former governors, would bring considerable talent to the White House — Romney primarily on the economy and Huntsman, a one-time ambassador to China, on foreign policy. If anything, Republicans should be trying to figure out how best to use them both.

Two Mormons on one ticket? Wouldn’t happen, but it might/could/should.

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