Why crazy people make better bloggers

2. We speak the truth.

Crazy people are constantly in conflict: with themselves, with the world, with the voices in their heads. Want to know why no one reads your blog? You’re boring. You’re not in conflict, or you have no ability to articulate your conflict, or, more likely, you’re unwilling to share your conflict. That makes you boring and cowardly. A blog isn’t something you write when you feel like it. It’s the digital representation of who you really are. No one wants to read a blog by a boring coward. Because no one wants to be a boring coward.

What is heroic? What is great? What matters? Page views? Readers? What others think of you? I think heroism is trying. It’s not succeeding or failing. It’s prying yourself open and showing yourself to the world in hopes that someone else may learn something from what’s inside of you.

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