The battle for life goes on

Abby joined Planned Parenthood as a volunteer in 2001, while a college student. This led to an eight-year career with the organization and her eventual awakening to the truth. She says in her book that she was naive and that she bought the talking points of the recruiter. Abby had always been a compassionate person, and just wanted to help women in crisis—a goal she thought the organization shared.

However, when she was asked to help with an ultrasound-guided abortion in 2009—something her office usually didn’t do—her eyes were opened wide, and she was confronted with what she had been a part of these past eight years.

She had seen pro-life sidewalk counselors daily outside the gates of her clinic those eight years. They had showed genuine compassion and offered peaceful prayers. They were friendly and kind to all who entered—including her and her staff. She feels that they saved her life.

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