With the GOP field this weak, Obama's still the favorite

So who could get to 270? Romney could. Conceivably. And Perry. Conceivably. True, Perry is damaged goods today, but he is raising oodles of money, and reporters, lacking their own money, are very impressed by the money of politicians.

But could Republicans be unable to decide on a front-runner because they believe any of their candidates could beat Barack Obama?

No, they could not be so foolish. Though Obama now calls himself the underdog and told one crowd Tuesday that his 2012 efforts “won’t be as sexy as in 2008” and another crowd that “this election is going to be much more just grinding it out,” the fact is, he is pretty good at grinding things out.

True, he presides over a lousy economy and a dreadful war in Afghanistan. But he also has some real accomplishments. He is a heck of a stump speaker and a pretty good debater, and he has an experienced campaign staff.

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