Tea partiers planning to sit out Scott Brown's re-election bid

“Scott Brown has disappointed us a few times,” Carlos Hernandez, state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, told TheDC. “So are we going to go out there and hold signs for him everyday? I don’t think so.”

“Now, does that mean we’re not going to hold our nose and vote for him? No, because the other option is not an option,” added Hernandez, referring to the Democrat roster challenging Brown.

Hernandez’ sentiments were also echoed by national tea party representatives TheDC talked to. One prominent tea party activist said that “while he won’t be a major target for defeat … he also won’t be getting anywhere near the support that helped sweet him into office.”

Adam Brandon, communications director for FreedomWorks took a slightly more nuanced view when talking to TheDC. According to Brandon, FreedomWorks is planning to largely ignore Brown altogether.

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