Jay Carney to CBS reporter who WH screamed at over Fast & Furious: Toughen up

Henry, unsatisfied with the response, followed up by asking, “She said this on the record, that she was yelled at and screamed at. Why would the administration be yelling at her about this story?”

“Again, I don’t…I take issue with the report,” Carney said. “I don’t know that it’s true. What I think is that I know you are tough enough to handle an extra decibel or two in a phone conversation. I’m not sure that that happened here, but it’s surprising to me.”…

The issue here, though, isn’t a “tough conversation,” or a couple of decibels. I’ve been reporting on this White House for nearly three years now, and I’ve irritated more than my fair share of press aides, but I’ve never been cursed at by one, at least not to my face. Whether Carney wants to air it out publicly or not, it’s a good bet Schultz won’t be cursing out any other reporters, anytime soon.

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