Video: Coulter not a fan of these Wall Street protests

To Coulter, the protests on Wall Street were far too familiar: “all of those quotes,” she told Bolling, referring to comments by protesters that had played before her, “could have been said in 1789 France before the Revolution… this is always the beginning of totalitarianism.” These revolts, she continued, were favorable to Democrats– “the Democratic Party love mob uprisings, it’s their rise to power.” He also had some words for celebrities getting involved in the affair, particularly Barr and Moore for their comments. Barr, who called for “beheading” the rich, got something of a pass from Coulter for being a “comedienne, so I assume that was a joke,” but she did note that the vague guillotine reference was no coincidence. As for Moore, who claimed that “capitalism destroyed my town,” Coulter noted that Moore wasn’t even from Flint, Michigan, but “an affluent suburb nearby,” so his rally against the rich sounded hollow to her and Bolling both.

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