You know what we need? Less free trade

The AFL-CIO and its 12 million members are committed to standing with members of Congress who want to lead on the issue of jobs and stand up for workers. We believe that trade — structured correctly — can benefit American workers. But broken-record trade agreements that skew benefits to corporate CEOs are the wrong way to do it.

If the only choice is the failed NAFTA model, we will continue to oppose trade deals. The American people will be better served by devoting our energy and resources to supporting a truly bipartisan job creator — investment in infrastructure. Infrastructure investments can create jobs, rebuild our nation and put a down payment on our children’s future. Investing in new technologies can also help us rebalance our trade deficits and make us more competitive in global markets by innovating right here at home.

I want to work together with the president and Congress to encourage trade that really works, building a new prosperity for American workers and the businesses that employ them.

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