This is the best chance Christie will ever have

The average consumer confidence index when a president running for reelection wins is 95. When they lose, it’s 76. Today the number is 55.

So, now it looks a lot more likely that 2016 will be a reelection year for a Republican incumbent. Christie might think he could be VP, and he’d probably be on the short list. But if Mitt Romney is the nominee, it’s highly unlikely he’s going to put another northeasterner on the ticket. (And much more likely that Sen. Marco Rubio will get the nod no matter the nominee.)

And, after a few more years as governor of New Jersey, Christie will be old news with a lot more baggage. You gotta go when you’re hot. Ask Barack Obama.

Yes, there are all the obvious logistical challenges. But, getting in this late, Christie creates an instant media tsunami and could surf his way through the first primaries on the late-breaking strength of the wave.

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