U.S. officials: Solyndra execs stonewalling on releasing financial info

A Solyndra attorney told U.S. officials the reason he would not identify the company’s customers or talk about its contracts was because “the topic would likely be the subject of investigation and possibly litigation,” according to the court filing.

The fresh allegations that Solyndra is refusing to cooperate in bankruptcy proceedings come just days after two top Solyndra executives declined to answer questions from Congress, invoking their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. The government’s claim that Solyndra is refusing to answer questions was detailed in papers filed by the attorneys representing the U.S. government during bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware. The solar company was awarded a $535 million federal loan as part of President Obama’s program to help spur growth in emerging forms of alternative energy. Now, federal lawyers are seeking to recover at least some of that money.

In their filing, government attorneys called on the bankruptcy court judge to put the company in the hands of an independent trustee, so its books could be pried open.

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