Always bet against crazy in the GOP primaries

John McCain was stuck in single digits, and his once mighty campaign was declared dead on arrival by Republican operatives and political pundits. But Dad’s message to me as I raced toward the airport was as unambiguous as his Reagan declaration 30 years earlier.

“You better watch John McCain. He’s gonna win the nomination.”

Despite my eye rolls and the Arizona senator’s self-inflicted wounds, Dad was right again. Just like he was when he supported Nixon, Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Dole and Bush.

Guys like my dad do not gamble on candidates such as Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich.

Guys like my dad tune out politicians who compare opponents to Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

And guys like my dad don’t cozy up to Texas governors who brag about seceding from the Union or call Social Security unconstitutional.

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