Not "shovel-ready": The real Solyndra scandal

They’re also pointing out a very real scandal: Why the $800 billion stimulus package failed to work in any measurable way as unemployment remains above 9 percent and economic growth appears to have stalled.

Some liberals like my friend Arianna Huffington have accurately pointed out that the problem with the president’s stimulus is just how poorly it was administered. “The stimulus package failed because it was all over the map. It was not a targeted, clear jobs creation program,” she told me during our appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

And here in lies the Solyndra scandal. I’m sure some people were put to work building the Solyndra factory that was supposed to make all those solar panels that were supposed to just fly off the assembly line before the company went bankrupt and wasted $500 million of taxpayer funded loan guarantees, but was this the best use of money designed to create lasting jobs and lasting stimulus?

The answer is pretty clear: Not even close.

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