Romney's next line of attack on Perry: He's not ready to be C-in-C

Gov. Rick Perry and his aides in Texas have spent hours studying old footage and records of Mitt Romney, stretching back nearly two decades, building a list of issues on which they believe Mr. Romney has waffled or wavered, seeking to brand him as inauthentic.

Mr. Romney’s team is honing plans for an attack on Mr. Perry’s readiness to be president and commander in chief. They intend to press Mr. Perry on foreign policy, demand that he produce a national jobs plan and relentlessly pursue the case that Mr. Perry is out of step with his party on how to address illegal immigration…

After three debates that have shaped the race into a Perry-Romney contest, even while highlighting the imperfections and political vulnerabilities of both men, the campaign is now entering a new phase. The candidates have a week to make their pitch to donors before the third quarter closes on Sept. 30, a critical point that could further narrow the field.

The animosity between Mr. Perry and Mr. Romney, who spoke to a gathering of Republicans here on Saturday, has deepened as they compete for contributors, endorsements and, ultimately, the soul of the party.

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