"She was speaking the language of the heart of the people in this room"

Sources inside the room tell The Brody File that the meeting began with an introduction by Mac Hammond, Michele Bachmann’s senior pastor at Living Word Christian Center in Minnesota. She then talked to evangelicals for about 45 minutes where she shared her Christian testimony and explained her positions on the issues. After 15 minutes of questions and answers, a handful of pastors gathered around her on stage and prayed for her. According to some pastors in the room, they specifically prayed that God would do a great work in her and this nation. They also prayed that she would be encouraged and strengthened through this presidential primary process.

Pastor George Grant, Chancellor of New College Franklin and pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church participated in the meeting and tells The Brody File that people came in wondering if she can win the GOP nomination and whether she’s articulate and up for the task. He says that he and nearly everyone in the room left amazed at her substance and thoughtfulness on the issues and her powerful spiritual commitment as a woman of God. “She was speaking the language of the heart of the people in this room,” Grant says. “It was one of the most electric environments I’ve ever seen.”

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