Christine O'Donnell is our first "fad" politician

I don’t find any pleasure in Christine O’Donnell’s book and book tour spectacularly bombing. What I am taking from O’Donnell is one big fat warning sign that all Republicans should be aware of moving forward.

O’Donnell is the result of an epidemic within politics today. She’s a politician that can gather international media attention by using cheap tricks and publicity stunts with little to no substance or experience to back it up. This is a woman who at one point was getting so much attention, that Saturday Night Live cold opened an episode with a parody of one of her campaign ads.

The idea of the celebrity politician is nothing new, and depending on one’s perspective, either President Obama or Sarah Palin are the country’s first celebrity politicians. But O’Donnell is our first “fad” politician, meaning she is a politician whose moment is fleeting but intense and memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

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