So Bachmann's a "diva"?

If a woman isn’t concerned with her appearance, you can be certain everyone else will be. The same folks who are now accusing Bachmann of “acting like a celebrity” and being a “diva” would talk about how dog-tired and haggard she looks if her handlers didn’t make sure her props were in order. Before long the word would be out: She can’t take the heat. She’s exhausted. Any minute now, a migraine…

Is it fair to criticize Bachmann for tardiness? Sure, but it takes longer to put on lipstick than it did to make the leap from late to diva. In politics, which is theater after all, getting the lighting right is just as important as making sure the microphone works.

Bachmann offers plenty to critique, from her policy positions to her too-pat answers to complicated questions. But being late (occasionally) or making sure she puts on her best game face is hardly cause for the current pile-on. Other than “divo,” which only Italians use, what’s the equivalent for a male diva? Wait, wait, don’t tell me: Obama.

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