Jon Huntsman likes his chances to win it all

Although Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is polling last against his competitors, he believes he will be able to clinch the nomination for president once the GOP primary is over next year. In an interview with FOX News, Huntsman says not to look that closely into the preliminary polling data.

“If this had been the reality last go-around in 2008, Fred Thompson would be president if you kind of read the polls then. Howard Dean would have been president in 2004,” Huntsman said in an interview on Saturday. “How many front-runners have we had in this race already in several months? Probably four or five.”

“I like our chances because our message is straightforward, it’s honest, it’s based on my record, and it’s based on a commonsense conversation with the people who are facing a Category 5 economic storm in this country,” the former Utah Governor said in the interview.

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