Blog kerfuffle: The start of a Perry vs. Palin proxy war?

Erickson, Radtke, Riehl, Brietbart and Malkin have all opted not to endorse a presidential candidate at this point, but the spat over Radtke seems to make apparent the direction in which at least some of the most influential conservative commentators are leaning, if Palin jumps into the race next month…

An endorsement from either side might very well come at some point in the campaign, but the increasingly open warfare that is being waged in the conservative blogosphere is one sign that the apparent surrogates for the two prospective rivals are hunkering down in their trenches.

“Palin courts a more independent, slightly more free-thinking constituency than Perry,” Riehl told RCP in an interview on Thursday, adding more fuel to the fire. “I think the best thing that anyone ever did for RedState was Perry announcing there.”

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