Romney's biggest enemy in New Hampshire: The Union-Leader?

The editorial portion of the publication beat up Romney four years ago, and it hasn’t gone easy on him this cycle, either.

Witness the Union Leader’s Wednesday editorial, “The 10th Amendment: Romney’s Weak Argument,” which takes the candidate to task for his defense of Massachusetts’ health care reform. It dings him throughout and ends: “Like all Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney extols the 10th Amendment. But in practice, he clearly believes that the Bill of Rights actually allows individual states to limit freedom in ways that undercut two centuries of adherence to the Founders’ vision of limited government. To Romney, that’s not just arcane constitutional theory. It appears to be his style of governing.”

What’s more, it was published on a morning when Romney was scheduled to begin a two-day tour of the state.

As Cullen described it, “The Union Leader is different than most newspapers. When they hit something, they hit it again and again and again with repeated editorials. And not only will they attack you, they will pump up someone they do like.”

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