Romney on Perry: I'm sticking with my strategy

Mr. Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts who until recently was the front-runner in many polls, was responding to a question about a new Gallup Poll that has Mr. Perry leading Mr. Romney by double digits — 29 percent to 17 percent.

“Depending on which poll,” Mr. Romney said, cutting off the reporter’s question. “But Rick is a very effective candidate, yes.”…

“Look, I follow the strategy I’ve had, that we’ve laid out from the very beginning,” Mr. Romney explained. “Maybe once the field narrows down to two or three, we’ll spend more time looking at each other. But my campaign approach remains exactly the same, because I’m going to be focused on my message, communicating how it is that someone who spent his life in the private sector has a better chance creating jobs than a president who happens to have never worked in the private sector.”

When asked if he still considered himself the front-runner, he replied, “Just one of the guys running.”