Believe it, New Yorkers: This hurricane could be really, really bad

It’s also time for NYC’s local officials to stop pretending that a Category 1 hurricane strike is the “worst-case scenario” for their city. That sort of false reassurance, masquerading as a warning, is deeply unhelpful. The simple fact is, most people aren’t going to be scared, still less spurred to action, by the words “Category 1 hurricane.” Of course, I wouldn’t advocate unnecessarily scaring people if a potential Cat. 1 was truly all we were dealing with — but it’s not. It’s been clear all day today that something far worse, while perhaps still unlikely, is very much within the realm of realistic possibility for New York City… and that’s only become clearer this evening. Take a look at the latest prediction by the GFS model, the most reliable and accurate American computer model in existence…

Holy hell. That map is downright terrifying… It represents something pretty darn close to the true worst-case scenario, the New York nightmare that experts have feared for years — a Category 2 hurricane, perhaps even a low-end Cat. 3, making landfall in New Jersey, and pushing a severe storm surge into New York harbor, with devastating effects.

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