Young GOP women to "Elle" magazine: We're not "Baby Palins"

“While an interesting read, this article turns out to be less a commentary on conservative women and more an example of how conservative women are viewed by women on the left. To them, we are all ‘Baby Palins,’” Agness writes, adding that many of the interviewed women immersed themselves into politics long before Palin’s name appeared on the 2008 Republican ticket. A University of Virginia law graduate, Agness herself started NeW four years before Palin made national news headlines…

Lukas, who wrote the book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism,” says she’s “never been somebody who has been a huge cheerleader for Palin.”

“Palin is an interesting media phenomenon but … A lot of conservative women have mixed feelings about her. This idea of putting people in this Palin box is a liberal caricature of what all conservative women are like,” Lukas said. “It’s ridiculous, this idea that this all started with Sarah Palin. The Independent Women’s Forum has been around for twenty years. There are a ton of conservative women out there … The idea that everyone is following a trend of Sarah Palin is really demeaning.”