Michael Vick's former home to become a ... dog sanctuary

Renamed the Good Newz Rehabilitation Center, the estate where many animals were beaten, abused and even killed has become a haven for dogs to recover from the same kind of mistreatment. Nine animals are currently residing at the five-bedroom home, which will also serve as the organization’s new headquarters, with more expected to join in the coming weeks.

“I try not to focus on Vick personally at all. What I try to focus on is how we are changing this place from what happened here,” DDB founder Tamira Thayne recently told The Daily Press. “[We’re] taking something that was really negative and turning it into a positive. We really try to focus on doing the best we can do for these dogs.”

After hearing that the Vick estate was still on the market last January, Thayne started fundraising to come up the money to purchase the house. Within weeks, she had raised more than $180,000, enough to secure a down payment and get started on the center.

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