NYT debuts bold new innovation in bias technology

That must be heartening to Times readers. It’s also the stuff of which delusions are made–the familiar process of cocooning, in which Times-addicted Democrats wake up election day expecting President Kerry to have been swept into office only to discover that the paper of record has mistaken the views of its editorial board for the views of voters.

I used to think the paper’s editors were also deluding themselves along with everyone else. Now I’m not so sure. The Times is a struggling new media company now, and in new media the readers, viewers and dollars go to those who tell committed partisans and ideologues what they want to hear. So why not tell your mainly Dem readers that the other side is “on the defensive”? They’ll eat it up. They might even subscribe. Better yet, throw in some macho chest-thumping: The GOP is not just “on the defensive. Their “boasts” are “ringing hollow”! Yeaaaghh! If the Republicans nevertheless inexplicably win the next election–hey, deal with that then. Meanwhile, the eyeballs are behind the paywall.

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