Huckabee to Pawlenty: Don't quit!

“It may be that some people are a little more positioned and are going to stay in and some who decide that their donor base is going to dry up,” he said.

But, he advised Pawlenty to stay in the race.

“A lot of things can happen. A person can go out and say one thing that gets blown up. So part of it is just staying on your feet. It’s going the distance,” Huckabee said. “And so even if Pawlenty doesn’t do well here today, the question is does he have enough support, and has he streamlined his operation to the level that no matter what the results are he can stay on his feet and keep fighting, because it could be that a couple of the candidates in front of him stumble, fall and have to be hauled off. And if that happens, the only way you can lose at that point is not be on the track.”

As for Rick Perry, Huckabee said that he is about to come under much harsher scrutiny than he has so far received.