Chris Matthews: Biden "gets beat up for his mental limitations"

“I think the Commander in Chief has a particular personal responsibility to the families of every service person. This is one of those critical moments he should be there. We’ll see what he says today. This is going to rip the scab off every feeling about this war. Joe Biden, who gets beat up for his mental limitations, and yet he was the one that understood intuitively this should be a counterterrorism operation. Then he was beaten down by the sophisticates who said we have to stay there. And then you wonder, what are the sophisticates really offering here in terms of a bottom line? We leave in five years the Taliban takes over? We leave in 25 years the Taliban takes over? They be head then? Sooner or later the people of Afghanistan are going to have to chose whether they want the Taliban running their country or not,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said this afternoon before President Obama made a statement to the press.