"Well, like my dad said, you never say never"

In 2009 you told your family and staff that you were hiking the Appalachian Trail when in fact you were visiting Maria Belen Chapur in Argentina. You called her your “soul mate.” Is that still the case?
I would say that I have more than well described all of my emotions and feelings toward Maria. And out of fairness to my boys and to folks that I’ve hurt, I’m not going to say more than this: any of those seemingly goofy feelings that I described a couple years back have intensified, not dissipated, with time…

You have kept a very low profile since you left office in January. What have you been doing?
I’ve always found clarity at the family farm, and I’ve settled in to a number of fairly big projects. I built a large barn, I built a significant bridge, where each one of the beams was 18,000 pounds. I had also been pulling out stumps with a big excavator, and I stacked them so I could eventually burn them. I said to a friend there’s something so pleasing about that because once it was done, it was done. It wasn’t like the next legislative body could come back and put the stumps back in the ground.