Oprah to Obama: I'm ready to help you campaign

“I supported Barack Obama in 2008 because I believed then as I do now that he is the right man for the job,” Winfrey said in a statement. “I wanted to share my enthusiasm for his candidacy in hopes that others would see what I saw in him.”

“As for 2012,” Winfrey added, “If the campaign needs me, I’m happy to be of service. I’m in his corner for whatever he needs me to do.”…

“One of the biggest problems that the administration has right now is communicating to women that they are in touch with women’s lives, and particularly downscale women’s economic lives,” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said. “Oprah has a 25-year career communicating that. In some ways she can be even more influential in saying ‘Hey listen, this is what this administration has done. I’ve never lied to you. They are in touch with your lives as I have always been.’”