Inside the Newsmax empire

Newsmax, the magazine and Web site that Mr. Ruddy founded more than a decade ago, is the right-wing populist’s Time or Newsweek. With a paid circulation of 230,000, the magazine reaches more homes than The Weekly Standard or National Review, two of the higher brow pillars of American conservatism, by offering what Mr. Ruddy says is “news that Americans in the heartland would like to see.”…

Among news Web sites that draw large conservative audiences, only has more visitors, according to Nielsen, and Newsmax’s e-mail news alerts go out daily to 3.2 million people.

“I think we’re part of the conversation,” Mr. Ruddy said in an interview, dropping the names of conservative stalwarts who have paid their respects to Newsmax. “That’s why Boehner — I met with him when he was down here.”