I wish Eric Holder had watched the Casey Anthony trial

My read on the case? Guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. You don’t make an accident look like a murder, and you don’t place duct tape over the nose and mouth of a child who is already dead. I simply think that you had some jurors like the ones I’ve described. These things happen. People are fallible. Our system is fallible.

Apparently our own president and attorney general don’t understand this. It is with amazement that I read that a Somali terrorist is being imported into the United States to be tried in a U.S. civil court and accorded all the rights of an American citizen — anything to keep him out of Guantanamo and the military tribunal where he belongs.

We gladly run the risk of setting the guilty free in order to protect the rights of American citizens. Now we are running the same risk for the benefit for those with whom we are at war. One principle is as old as our country. The other was invented by this administration. Clearly, they learned nothing from the Casey Anthony trial. Either that or they are willing to run the risk to us all for the sake of their rigid and misinformed ideology.